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'shedworking' - the next best thing after the container office

image: booths garden studiosStill seeking a quiet home office that is not actually in your home? Do you appreciate a stroll to the bottom of the garden at the beginning of your work day? Would you prefer a home office made of materials that did not previously sail the seven seas?

Shedworking may be the option for you. Wireless internet connections and cell phones make the shift to the garden a realistic and easier choice. Like a reused container, a shed can be made out of recycled materials or you can just buy a kit. Pre-fab sheds are not yet approved by Bermuda's Building Materials Committee but that should not stop an entrepreneur from investigating their possible importation.

To put to rest a common misconception: wooden buildings are allowed in Bermuda, they just need to comply with the building code. At a minimum, a concrete foundation will be required.

So what are the shedworking options? image: booths garden studiosA UK company, Booths Garden Studios, has basic units that retail between 4,000 and 10,000 pounds sterling. They come with a sturdy lock, double glazing, heating, electrical sockets and proper flooring. Of course, in Bermuda's summer heat, cooling alternatives will be key but, again, the intrepid importer will resolve such issues.

image: tetra shedLess traditional design alternatives (that are unlikely to receive planning permission in Bermuda!) include the Tetra shed (yes, the resemblance to Darth Vader has been noted already). 

And, if you feel lonely in your new home office, follow the shedworking blog of Alex Johnson. There is more to this lifestyle than you might think. image: tetra shed