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too ugly to survive?

I read about this building, the Orange County government building in Goshen, NY, a short while ago and tagged it as one to mention in a post. Since then, The New York Times has gathered a passel of design writers, preservationists and an urban analyst to debate the question of whether some buildings, such as the one shown below, are just too ugly to keep.

image: fred r. caplan, the new york times

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Brutalism as an architectural style, of which this is an example, but I can see the value of retaining representations of the numerous architectural styles that have evolved over time. Living in a country where the Bermuda Image tends to pre-determine external appearance, I envy those who can point to true variety and design innovation.

I vote for keeping this pretty ugly building and spending the money to renovate it. What do you think?