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and we think we have problems

Reading the blog post highlighted here, Teaching Urban Planning in Kabul, I am reminded that the environment for urban or town planning in Bermuda really, in the general scheme of these things, is quite reasonable.

Jade Maiwand, Kabul’s main street, bordered by fortified complexes. image: pietro calogeroToday I mulled over interpretations of subdivision legislation without appreciating that at least we have property rights and planning law. I listened to an architect understandably frustrated with aspects of Conservation Services' minutia (at an indescribable level) not realising having the ability to consult was probably a luxury.

Even my nascent project (more about that much later), which will go some way towards answering the question posed here - what can planners do? - is made easier by having a framework of functioning government departments, a healthy group environmental activists and an active creative community.

Anyway, read this short article by Pietro Calogero (I will post part 2 when the next installment is available) and be humbled by the challenge.