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olympic architecture

In the spirit of London 2012, enjoy this post by designboom featuring the architecture of the olympics, london 2012 olympics: architecture of the games.

A couple of interesting facts to note: the buildings were erected on time and on budget, and they are a mixture of permanent and temporary structures.

Pictured below is the aquatics centre designed by Zaha Hadid, which has been getting negative press because of the restricted views of the platform diving and the big screens from a number of seats. As a result of the dissatisfaction, olympic organisers will offer refunds for up to 4,800 tickets sold for the 10-metre platform diving.

aquatics centre by zaha hadid, image via pin it

aquatics centre interior, image: the telegraphWhat is slightly perplexing to me, with all the wonderful renderings and imagery designers are able to produce, is that someone can erect a building with a swooping, drooping ceiling and not take into account the height of the 10-metre diving platform vis-a-vis the seats. It can't be just me that finds this odd...