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architectural plagiarism?

It seems to me that dreamers become architects because they like invention, innovation and uniqueness. As that is the case, wouldn't you feel odd if your built legacy consists of projects 'lifted' from others? That this is happening in China strikes me as quite peculiar. 

The most recent architect to have design ideas stolen is Zaha Hadid. Obviously, copying is not new but, really, entire buildings?

Wangjing SOHO, image: weburbanist.comHadid's office and retail complex, Wangjing SOHO, is currently under construction in Beijing. The copycat version is underway in Chongqing. Honestly, they didn't even bother to change countries.

Read more about this freakish imitation situation  - entire village replication, anyone? - at, "Pirated Architecture: Chinese Copies of Famous Buildings." Truly odd.