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observations of a planning consultant #102

As many know, currently I am a planning consultant with the Department of Planning, processing applications for planning permission as some re-organisation of the Department takes place. Yes, I know: a consultant.

However, for all agents in Bermuda, I have one word: improve. Really, it astounds me how many applications that are deficient in information still arrive at the desk of the planners. If you note on the site plan that the distance to the boundary for the proposed development is eight feet instead of 15 feet, why is that application submitted without a neighbour's acknowledgement letter? This is not rocket science.

Are all agents guilty? No, they are not. Do you want to know who is most guilty? Here's an easy way for me to name and shame: go to the Front Desk of the Department of Planning and look at the receipt diary. Check which agent(s) has list upon list of "additional information" submissions.

Honestly, we can all do better - me included - but the basics are unchanged from the day I started in the Department in 1986. Let's get it right.