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In the African Urbanism blog post Accra's Creative Scene: Building a Locally-Driven Cultural Capital by Victoria, it was striking to me that, back in 2011, Accra's artists were pushing forward a locally driven, independent creative movement through art, culture and music. In 2011.

image: african urbanism

Yes, I know Chewstick was founded in 2002, and the numerous art galleries and festivals here were started many years before that, so I guess it's the words "locally driven" and "independent" that catch my eye and attention.

I had a conversation the other day with a videographer who, it seemed to me, was suffering from a certain ennui regarding life/the arts/culture in Bermuda. And yesterday I had a conversation with an environmentalist urging action first and apologies later.

There is a certain way of moving the arts and culture forward in Bermuda. It usually consists of preparing a business plan and presentation and shopping that to the foundations, companies and individuals you think might buy it. I can't say I get an especially driven, independent feeling about the arts in Bermuda when that is the model generally followed. And, yes, I can see the necessity; artists have bills to pay, just like everyone else, and funders must be responsible about the money dispensed.

But, just once, while we wait for that 'creative city agenda' to arise, what about stepping outside the norm? Doing the unexpected? Bringing life to un- or under-utilised spaces? Being driven, independent and action-oriented and doling out an apology after the street art or guerilla garden or parklet is completed? Imagine: the City of Hamilton as an ever-changing creative, cultural space.

Think about it.