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This is what the lazy blogger does - although, in my defense, I could call this entry the busy blogger, except that implies I'm busy blogging, which is not true - we reach out to other bloggers. In this case, I'd like to draw your attention to Bermuda architect, Simon Hodgon's blog, sdbs architecture urbanism interiors - (brought to my attention by Laura Murphy). It's great! 

Simon posts entries on furniture, street trees, public art, architecture (obviously), interiors and more. He highlights one of my go to topics as well: City Hall. As with much in the city, cars are prioritised over pedestrians and Simon has some great ideas for reversing this trend beginning with City Hall. The lawn in front of City Hall, already used by the community for gatherings, proclamations and events, has the potential to be a much better urban space. Think Nathan Phillips Square in front of Toronto's City Hall - I do.

His full blog post, City Hall South Lawn Analysis, is insightful and helpful and the diagramatic analysis can be seen in the short video below. Look and learn.

Follow Simon on Twitter @s_d_b_s for more in this vein and, of course, keep an eye on his blog.