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urban improvements: quick and easy

image: maryleigh burnettIn an evening of PechaKucha Bermuda presentations not long ago, MaryLeigh Burnett had a MAD (Make A Difference) idea: convert our bus shelters into artists' pallets, harness the energy of students and artists and invigorate the bus waiting experience. 

This is a splendid idea and, in those locations where there is scope to do more, we should. The jargon term is "tactical urbanism" and it involves a distinct element of 'do first and ask later'. As it happens, though, I believe the Department of Transportation would not necessarily be adverse to an artistic takeover of bus shelters. After all, a number of schools have done so already.

Need inspiration? Check out some of the suggestions of Ellen Dunham-Jones and W Jude LeBlanc in How to Adopt Your Neighbourhood Bus Stop written for the website GOOD. image: maryleigh burnett

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