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beautiful bermuda, accidentally yours

I should start a collection. For every time I explain to someone the visual image we sell to tourists is not accidental, I get a dime. I'd be more than half way to retirement by now.

So, here's the thing. Although Bermudians are quite happy to paint their houses all the colours of the rainbow (purple being a personal non-favourite of mine) and, generally, keep the roofs white, it bears remembering that landscaping really does help.

image - s pringleThe pain inflicted by a grant of planning permission that includes a condition requiring a well-executed landscaping scheme, to my mind, is worthwhile.

It doesn't have to be a scheme offering 144 plants of dozens of varieties which serves only to make the plant nursery owner richer than Croesus. No-one is asking that you singlehandedly bring back Bermuda's former cedar woodland. But, you know, something more than nothing will contribute positively to the image of verdant landscapes surrounded by sparkling azure waters, which we sell overseas.

Some forethought as to appropriate species for your location and green thumb abilities is a good idea, as is, for example, consideration of your need for privacy. 

Of course, it's not just decent landscaping that makes a difference. An Act and successive development plans that seek to balance the preservation of woodlands, arable fields, coastal ecosystems and the like help too.

Bermuda Tourism spends untold millions selling the 'Bermuda Image' abroad, and it helps if we do our best to uphold it locally. 

So, no, Bermuda's beauty is not purely accidental. It takes a bit of effort from all of us.