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street art bermuda!

Is it my imagination or are street artists slowly (extremely slowly!) taking over in Bermuda? It used to be that only bus stops attracted art or graffiti - the former usually by school kids, the latter by whomever. These days, though, more building owners are open to the possibilities. 

image - mary leiigh burnett

Look around, next time you're taking a drive, and check out the street art.

hamilton, bermuda

Some of the artwork is a little off the beaten path but worth the search.

southampton, bermudaOn the other hand, depending on your route to work, you may see it every day.

flatts, bermuda

Some is inspirational too!

hamilton, bermuda

It's not a lot but it's a start and there is more street art than is shown here, so pay attention. As I find out who the artists are, I will add credits. In the meantime, enjoy this new beginning.