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starchitecture - love it or hate it?

The New York Times recently asked readers to respond a Letter to the Editor regarding 'starchitecture' by architect Peggy Dreamer. She contends architectural practitioners have been "backed into a corner of aesthetic elitism". She is dismayed at the image of architects who are portrayed by the media as insensitive and "socially tone-deaf" and is of the opinion the public is fed up of this.

It is an intriguing and timely discussion. On the one hand, it seems to me, it is starchitecture that tends to create interest in the profession, which is a good thing. On the other hand, one can't help feel, on occasion, that, to architects, the aesthetic is everything and function is the sorry second cousin. Is it just me, or are Frank Gehry's more recent designs beginning to blend together? Do Zaha Hadid's edifices work as well on the inside as they look on the outside? 

The responses to Dreamer's letter vary. Enjoy her letter, readers' views and her response in The 'Starchitect' Image. It is a worthy read.

Starchitecture isn't an issue in Bermuda. Not yet, anyway. Is that good or bad?

image - tim enthoven, courtesy of new york times