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warwick gas station: what are the possibilities?

warwick gas stationUpon completion of the new gas station, South Road, Warwick, there is an opportunity to re-purpose the old industrial space. We ask: What are the possibilities?

The current Warwick Gas Station has a new (vacant) residential development to the west, a potential tourism use to the south, the new gas station on its eastern boundary and an established residential neighbourhood across the street to the north. Further to the northwest is the built (but, curiously, unused) grocery store and a busy restaurant. There are signs of life down the road at the former "Brenda's Poolside Diner" too. Towards the east there is a church, small hotel and real estate office.

A Mies van der Rohe designed gas station on Nun's Island (St. Lawrence River, southwest of Montreal) was adapted for reuse as a senior and youth activity centre. Inspiration? Click here to see more on mies van der rohe gas station. image: steve montpetit

So, what are the possibilities for the Warwick Gas Station? A retrofit is inevitable. Let's hope it will add value, aesthetically and functionally, to this unexpected burgeoning community.