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urban improvements: quick and easy

image: maryleigh burnettIn an evening of PechaKucha Bermuda presentations not long ago, MaryLeigh Burnett had a MAD (Make A Difference) idea: convert our bus shelters into artists' pallets, harness the energy of students and artists and invigorate the bus waiting experience. 

This is a splendid idea and, in those locations where there is scope to do more, we should. The jargon term is "tactical urbanism" and it involves a distinct element of 'do first and ask later'. As it happens, though, I believe the Department of Transportation would not necessarily be adverse to an artistic takeover of bus shelters. After all, a number of schools have done so already.

Need inspiration? Check out some of the suggestions of Ellen Dunham-Jones and W Jude LeBlanc in How to Adopt Your Neighbourhood Bus Stop written for the website GOOD. image: maryleigh burnett

How 'bout it Bermuda?

litterplugs by cabel

"Litterplugs" are trash can alternatives; literally plugging your litter anywhere but on the ground! This funny but true blog post is brought to you by via Urban Planning Blog.


We all know it’s not cool to litter. If our hands are burdened with the weighty responsibility of an unwanted and snot-spent tissue, or an empty aluminum can that once held some Dr. Skipper, or even a gentle gum wrapper, the worst thing — the worst possible thing — would be to throw it on the ground. Click here to continue reading...


How often do you utilise an alternative trash can?

fun floor plans from tv land

Artist Inaki Aliste Lizzaralde draws, among other creations, the fictional floor plans from TV shows such as Frasier and Friends - and it's pretty neat! I'm sure I'm not the only person who has admired some of these apartments over the years and it is wonderful to see the layouts brought to life.

the big bang theory, image: inaki aliste lizzaralde

Flavorwire has gathered together the floor plans completed to date: The Big Bang Theory (pictured), Frasier, Friends and Sex and the City. Stay tuned for more as Lizzaralde is currently working on Seinfeld and plans to complete The Golden Girls, Two and a Half Men, Will & Grace and several others.

Of course, the thought that crossed my mind? How much TV does Lizzaralde watch?