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hamilton's waterfront: just a thought

Now that the design concept for the Hamilton waterfront is available for the public to review, comment on, get excited about, etc., etc., it's hard to resist adding to the general cacophony.

Just a thought, though, at this point. The re-development of the waterfront is important, and not just because construction jobs will be created for several years to come. Done right, the project can serve as a catalyst for investment in the island and as a vibrant focal point for the arts, events, recreation, business and much more. The key words? Done right.

image: tamara leighFor now, however, I will occasionally highlight projects, ideas and design concepts I think might be applicable here in Bermuda. The first such one is in Lancaster, California, and it, in turn, was lifted from Barcelona, Spain! It is a "ramblas" like boulevard in downtown Lancaster. The online magazine Better Cities & Towns outlines in a brief post, Spanish ramblas energizes California suburb, by Robert Steuteville, the regenerative impact the boulevard has had on the downtown. It has driven investment and brings crowds to the area.

As I said, just a thought...